In the realm of Satisfaction…

Every person out there has some dreams,some wishes of what they are going to do in their life.Some want to get a car,some want to get a degree,some want to try a new dish,some wants to get famous,etc. the list is endless.For these to get fulfilled,we work and work and work till we achieve it..

We give in our best and complete our dream,just to get satisfied.But,in middle of that action(work) and the output(the actual dream) we forget one important and the most necessary thing.What it can be?Any guess!!

We forget to CELEBRATE for getting satisfied for completing of our dream.A small celebration or a large celebration,it just doesn’t matter.But just a celebration for ourselves,for our small victory,for the new you.So,next time you achieve something,do take some self time out,go out and party harder because you are special in yourself!!




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