Think Healthy,Grow Healthy

The mind has n number of thoughts per second,and who is controlling them,filtering them for good or bad.Us.But,are we checking for the bad ones,doing anything to stop them.If the answer is No,then its time to do so.Just don’t let your thoughts control your mind,let your mind control them,filter them and change them for good.How?

Simply,whenever a negative thought crosses your mind,PAUSE,take a deep breath and substitute it with a positive thought or a good memory of yours.If you don’t have any source of motivation then Google Baba would come to your heed and soon you would out of that thought and would germinate seeds of positivity in yourselves.

Have you heard about the quote which says’Sleep with dogs and you will wake up with fleas’ ??What does this actually state??The quote here says,that when you sleep,don’t sleep with negative thoughts because you will wake up all grumpy.On the contrary, when you sleep try to think something positive,read positive or listen to some good podcasts and you will wake up with a new energy level of positivity around you.





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