A Simple Little Piece of Advice

Today,just step out of your house,your workplace wherever enclosed you are.Go out and first of all,Breathe deeply and Smile because Happy looks good on your face.
Then the very first thing,Observe..Take in every minute detail of the surroundings-pedestrians,nature,buildings everything.Then, mentally count the number of people living on this planet (Of course, roughly).
Every person has his own story-happiness,sadness,dissatisfaction,jealousy,anger,mentally not equipped what not.Every person has some weakness,some shortcomings,some desires which cannot be fulfilled,some dreams unsaid,some voices unheard.Think!!
Every person aims for more,more money so I will be more Happy,latest gadget would take me on cloud 9,new high-tech car is a must n the list goes on n on..
-One Simple Question:
When and Are we ever going to be Happy and Contented with what we have ever?
-One Simple Answer:
Live in the present moment,Breathe!!Examine your Breathing because that is the only thing which is in our present real form.
Feel special.
Feel you are the most wonderful creation on this planet.
Feel blessed.
And Spread your love everywhere..
P.S. If you feel inspired,pass this on to others and shed your light on them as well.


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