The Debate

he was all she wanted him to be,

the prince of the princess,

she wished him to be.

still something kept

bothering her.

amongst those strange people

around,she found comfort in him.

from being a wanderer,

she found a home in him..

Still,something keptย 

bothering her.

Disturbing her to take

a step ahead..


14 thoughts on “The Debate

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      1. An interesting question I am faced with now. Maybe a heartbreak in her past has taught her not to simply trust her instincts, however perfect the present moment may seem. How about if she wants to check if she still feels the same about him even after a long time of togetherness, if the thrill she feels now still sustains, if their fingers intertwining doesn’t become just an everyday routine, if all the love she feels right now is not just an overwhelming desire for company? Maybe she just wants this relationship to stand the test of time… All this said, your title suggests that the poem may move in an altogether different direction, than the one I just made up. Maybe she wants to talk with him and know how he feels about a certain important decision – maybe moving in together, or more yet, marriage. Long comment, I know. ๐Ÿ˜›

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      2. That is very very interesting..something to ponder nailed it completely,hats off to your clarity of thoughts because mind has so many things going on,to truly interpret a thing and reply on the same front is so were on the same page as of the article..thanks for the impromptu participation,loved the reply..

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