A Special One!!

she used to pray everyday,
a special relationship is
what she called it,
between her and her Almighty.
she used to talk her heart out,
cry,laugh,dance in front of him.
she used to offer whatever she had.
two glasses of water,one for him
and one for her,she was waiting,
when will he come,visit and have it with her,
unaware that her glass was empty already..


63 thoughts on “A Special One!!

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      1. Yes, I’m a “true believer”–I wouldn’t be alive, and have any hope, if not for His saving grace and unfailing Love. Much love to you today–so glad to meet you! πŸ™‚

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      2. Yes,We are nothing without him,and why to boast even,because this body,this soul belongs to him.. we are just sent here for some purpose.. Glad we met,thanks for dropping by your precious marks on my small little world!! Hope to see you soon again, Stay Blessed!!


  1. Ah ! mystical and spiritual -the post did bring out both the power of devotion, and the futility of excessive devotion (my interpretation -may be you leaned on one of the sides more while writing it) i loved this short and crisp post…:)

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