Love Bytes

she disappeared somewhere in
those orphaned thoughts,
finding home all along,
just then she found him..


18 thoughts on “Love Bytes

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  1. deep it is 🙂

    गुमशुदा रहती थी वो अनजाने से तस्सवुर में,
    मिला वो उसको जैसे परिंदे लौटें अपने घर में,, !!

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      1. Come on Bunny,I never underrated you and neither should you,ever..
        And yeah,I am no expert ha,still novice, and also want to be one!!so gear up your thoughts and start scribbling.. Waiting for it!!!

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      2. so kind of you for saying this for me 🙂

        and i am late a bit as i was offline :p

        ख्यालों के पंख लगा खोई वो सूने आकाश की राहों में,
        नीयति की हवाएं ले आईं उसको क्षितिज की पनाहों में,, !!

        how is it :p

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