Thinking over it

When we aim for anything in our life,
we go for it with all our efforts,
with all our fears,worries,strengths we try to achieve it,but after achieving that,do we stop and introspect,see the changes,see the journey,the lessons,NO!!
We,instead,aim for next big one,searching for just one thing-satisfaction,and in the end,we find ourselves the least satisfied people..
What can be the reason for it???


47 thoughts on “Thinking over it

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      1. Things are better in last year. I don’t know if it is a coincidence but since I took up writing last year, my mind is calmer and I’m at peace with myself.

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  1. “Life is what happens while we are planning everything else”, I had heard somewhere. I find this most relevant in the pacy society we live in. If we aim for something and don’t pay attention towards what happens along the way, we miss out on a lot, even better things than the ones we had expected.

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  2. The path we traveled with so much dedication tends to fade as soon as the light of success starts falling on us. But in my opinion, a person can only be called successful if she/he always remembers all the circumstances she/he went through! And it will only help her/him to prosper in life! πŸ™‚

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  3. maybe.. because we somehow already believe that achieving bigger and bigger things will make us more happy than we currently are.(as mentioned in my first blogpost) so the never ending race goes on..!!!

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      1. Studies have shown people take a favorable stance for people giving them praise, while looking for ways to discredit those offering criticism…even when it’s constructive in nature?

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  4. Agreed…Its human tendency to strive for bigger things…Once achieved we go for the next step and another and another…And I think it’s a good thing to aim higher…But yes I agree with you that along with aiming higher we should be satisfied with what we have but not “that satisfied” that we stop aiming for better bigger goals!!

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  5. in biology, we feel happy when our brain releases dopamine, which is the feel good chemical in the brain. And we get dopamine when we make progress toward our goals. these surges of dopamine however fizzle out once we’ve reached our goal which is why people say “its all about the journey, not the destination.” If you go on a journey, just to find the happiness at the destination, then you will always be disappointed because that’s not how humans work. It’s like Shakespeare once said, “things won are done, joys soul lies in the doing.” seriously great post:))

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    1. Thank-you Vincent for this dopamine thing, I didn’t knew that. Regarding,the journey part,we never enjoy it coz we are busy chasing our dreams but when we reach there we are like our journey was good, now lets move to another one, thereby enjoying nowhere!!

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