He was behind the bars,
of his own imagination,
deceiving him every time
he moved ahead!!


62 thoughts on “Caged!!

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  1. पाँव में बेड़ियाँ ना सही, पर ग्रिफ्तार रहा हूँ मैं अपने ही ख्यालों में,
    एक छाँव की मृगतृष्णा में, भटक रहा हूँ सहरा के तपते उजालों में,, !!


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      1. फ़िक्र-ऐ-दुनिया की ज़ंजीरों से मेरे क़दमों को ग़र रिहाई मिलती,
        खौफ-ऐ-रुस्वाई पे जो होता काबू तो मुझको भी खुदाई मिलती,,!!

        Good Morning 😊

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    1. Every comment here motivate me to work further,and remembering your post about originality,I tried to construct something,coz the feelings are not gonna be new,only how they are conveyed,that’s what would matter,I guess??Need your view on this!!

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      1. Exactly. So the idea doesn’t have to be new. It makes it easier if it is though. But you can’t still talk about an unoriginal idea in an original way. The book “men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” took cliche ideas and explained them in a novel way and because of that it became a very popular book that people still talk about today. So yes the feelings don’t have to be new, but if you convey them in a way that is new and different then that works too

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      2. It’s very hard to tell actually because your posts are very short, but if people are liking it and engaging with it then you’re good:) I enjoyed it 🙂


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