Thinking over it

Why do we need motivation from others? We are well aware of all our strengths,our flaws, still why when people inspire us, we move ahead!! Why we don’t trust ourselves that well?? Why we follow any other random person’s motivation??


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      1. Yes, of course. It is nothing really big, but it is majestic for me.

        Almost always it happens to me that I find it very hard to write even a single word of poetry until I have experienced it myself.

        Many times there have been periods in my life where even if I wanted, I couldn’t produce one word, let alone a poem. It happens to everyone. In such times I go back to reading works of great poets of English , Hindi and shayars of Urdu. Reading them inspired me and motivated me but when I sat down to write I was blank again. I realised that everything around me could motivate me to sit on the table and think with the pen and paper lying before me. But they couldn’t write for me. Only when I reached inside my soul and thought deeply, I began to write again and understood that real motivation or inspiration comes from within, the outside elements are just the reactants for speeding up the process.

        I also realised that even if I did not look outside for motivation, it slowly worked its way from inside me onto the paper, but that takes a lot of time, thinking and patience. But that’s what we do, we think, we wait , and then we write.

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      2. Wow, Mayank you actually spoke on every blogger’s behalf coz this is what everybody goes through..
        You won’t believe, I didn’t know I could write poetry or anything else unless I started on it, here on this platform I found myself and even today I find something new everyday. Motivation was necessary for us, but action was the condition, and I believe someone can only trigger something in you and rest is all inside job which can create history or lead us to misery, whatever we choose ourselves to follow..

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  1. Yes! That’s very true! There’s an endless motivation that resides in us but we often fail to recognise that one! & Why so, there I’m speechless!

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      1. This reminds me of Craige N Blackmore’s quote, If you abandon your dreams to uphold someone else’s notion trust me when i say, you are making the universe a great dissersive!

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  2. We need to depend on others, but for motivation self motivation is the best guide… ! No matter how many cone and go.. For a persistent effort we are our best friends πŸ™‚ good thought there sunshine

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      1. Too often people get locked into a shame to anxiety cycle…we use external “inspiration/motivation/coaching” out of guilt for not being our best, because we strive for a perfection, we can never quite attain?

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  3. Yes . the fact is that it is nothing related to lack of trust on ourself . As getting motivated is one of the human behaviour trait and is quite common for all. So it is quite common for people either to motivate you or demotivate you.

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    1. Yeah , to take a step more, laugh a little more, enjoy a little more and this is what I wanted to say through this post!! You understand everything always, so happy to have you aboard Singledust πŸ™‚

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