Thinking over it

How do you feel when someone remembers you only if they need something from you??
How would God be feeling then??

P.S. Only for those who believe!!


25 thoughts on “Thinking over it

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  1. This is a nice thought.we should be grateful for things we are blessed with.And there is nothing wrong in asking God when we are in need of help.sometimes even the child gets the chocolate from us only after the cry.

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  2. मतलबों की दुनिया से रहता जुदा है वो,
    किसी का हक़ नहीं रखता, तभी खुदा है वो,,!!



  3. In his next life .. In another rebirth maybe he will have to depend on another person to live
    Like the paralysized person ….

    For his/her deeds punishment is utterly surea
    In Hindu belief 🙂

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      1. Karma …. yaa maybe… as a beleiver of religion .. I say yes he do have to suffer either this lifetime or next 🙂 😉


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