he was trying to overcome,

all the allegations everybody

imposed on him,

but the world kept on calling,

him names, and soon he

became one of what he wasn’t..


66 thoughts on “Cruel

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  1. Judgemental people are primarily the allegers. In my opinion, people have become more so due to the easy anonymity provided by consequence-free social media platforms

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  2. It is so tempting to change to match what people claim you to be. The real challenge is maintaining your integrity in the face of false accusations.

    Saying that, of course, when people use positive comments to encourage, say, a criminal to change, then he would be well advised to change to match their view of what he could be!

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  3. I believe in this. It is the world that makes you and moulds you.
    The atrocities of nature nurtures you to something you may, in your normal sentience be frightened of.
    I had recently tweeted something that I was warned for by one of the political groups . I’d like to quote a different and less controversial version of it…
    Every time a person loses faith in his people and their system, a terrorist is born within. Terrorist, in int true meaning.

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