Her voice was firm,

but,eyes spoke altogetherΒ 

a different story.

Story of a Indian Woman..


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      1. Last month I read an autobiography of Malala Yousufzai & I get to know how powerful is arms & guns,how powerful is religion’s fake rituals & customs & dont u think agar hum school na gaye hote to hum kabhi samajh paate ki sach me aurato ke sath bura ho rha he

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      2. M quite interested in world politics & i observed there r many places where education is still far reached, & woman dont even know they are caged…like in Haryana Rajasthan & Bihar’s village,all these things happened to der mothers,grandmothers & now to there’s nothing new in that,so they simply accepted everythng

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  1. Nice Sunshine, Your lines impressed me a lot, being an Indian, I know how a lady is been treated here, there’s little need to change everything starting from our thinking to our behaviour, I feel sad sometimes after 65 years of independence, we’re still struggling for the rights of woman here, shameful it is. I don’t know what context you have here in your lines, but thanks for sharing!

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