playful,naive,lively she was,

until life snatched away her innocence..

For the prompt ‘playful’ on : The Daily Post


45 thoughts on “Lost

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  1. जुदा है शाख़ से गुल, रुत से आशियाने से,
    कली का जुर्म घड़ी भर का मुस्कुराना था,,!!


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  2. Theres him in this story, theres a her and there’s a story of broken dreams. Painful and heart wrenching to hear/see such things happen.
    A thousand stories in a few words. You seem to have mastered the art of cognitive imagination where a simple, single word puts you in a trajectory of emotions.
    Im thinking a lot about a lot of people and a lot of incidents.
    Heartbreaking !

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