Thinking over it

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If happiness is an inside job,

why do we search outside for it!!


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      1. hmmm…. ok this is going to read pretty random…….happiness is (probably) a state of calm within oneself, an inside job like you said, and so I sometimes visualize in my head that happiness is like the waves that come and go on the surface of that sea of peace that exists inside….even when the waves are absent, there is an overriding sense of peace that prevails.

        but as we are, the physical being perceives happiness through what appeals to the senses, so it searches for the feeling of happiness outside,….and over the years we have added another outside dimension of ‘social-conditioning’ which today plays an important part in defining what are the acceptable/visible parameters of happiness… we chase things/emotions/goals which we believe will satisfy those definitions of happiness, though these are all short-lived and often conflicting within themselves.

        happiness is like god, everyone believes it exists, some find it everywhere and in everything, and some narrow down their definitions so much, that even god refuses to fit in! 🙂

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      2. That has explained the whole concept of happiness, Indeed quenching my thirst for that reason..
        Thanks Vidur, that was of great help👍👍
        P. S. And a very short one too😁😁

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  1. Happiness depends on the happenings around someone. Joy can be found within and thus doesn’t need to be sought for outside. Our circumstances keep us happy but only God gives us inner joy regardless of our circumstances

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  2. I think its because we always choose the easy way which is to get attract by things we see around us in the world, in spite of concentrating to find inner peace in ourselves.

    जिसको ढूंढे बाहर बाहर, वो बैठा है भीतर छुप के,
    तेरे अन्दर एक समंदर, क्यूँ ढूंढे है तुपके तुपके,, !!


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  3. hmmm echo! happiness is everywhere(within us & outside), only we often do not recognise its presence and then go about searching for it. Also, the happiness inside is for sharing and we hoard it at times till it reaches its expiry date and then realise it is too late!!

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      1. you said it right! that’s the problem with most humans.. what we have, we take for granted, and what we do not have, we desperately seek…even happiness! btw, “ωραία φωνή κυρία”
        (oraía foní kyría)

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