Just a question

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How would you paint your life,

if I were to give you a blank canvas??


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  1. Full marks to such a thoughtful question……I would love to paint my canvas bright and beautiful….just follow my heart and mood…….including all the colours of the palette to depict the different emotions we experience in this beautiful journey of life 🙂

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    1. So your painting is gonna be all about scooby dooby doo kya??
      (hahaha, I like interacting with people, so find ways through these questions and for these questions, that’s my brain running by zillion thoughts per minute :p)

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  2. अपनी ज़िन्दगी के खाली पन्नो पर रंगसाजी नहीं करूँगा,
    तौबा उस खुदा के काम में मैं दखलन्दाज़ी नहीं करूंगा,,
    मेरी खुशियों की मुझसे भी ज्यादा जिसे फ़िक्र रहती है,
    रंग भरने का हक्क है उसे , जिसे दुनिया माँ कहती है,, !!


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      1. 😊😊 you are my favourite blogger here..i have to say this 😀😀 ..innovative posts and very supporting interactive and friendly nature 👍👌👌

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  3. Lots of color to represent the blessings and joyous events. A few dark spots to represent the rough times. A few areas left blank so I can add to my picture as time progresses. A few white spaces to represent the times I just need to rest and be silent.

    Such a thought provoking question. ☺
    Love this post🌷👍

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      1. Yes, those dark spots have made me a stronger person in character. I am not afraid to ask for what it need. I am a lot more patient. I am comfortable in my own skin. I seek authenticity and dislike the superficial. I seek peace, wholeness, longevity. Settling for less than I deserve is no longer something with which I’m comfortable.

        Best wishes to you for a lovely day. Hugs. 🌷

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      1. that would be the experiences I have in all my life. It all depends on the colors I’ll choose because they play the most important part of a painting so if I paint something like this I’ll share it with you 🙂

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