Just a question

For whom law is made?? For the criminals to be free and the innocent to rot in jail??? Where is humanity gone??

(The Talwar’s case) Double Murder Case


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      1. You have truly said how the system works here in the democracy ….A drastic change to the current system means our Constitution have to be rewritten..because there are a lot to be changed basically.But looking ahead is painful as I see system is getting worse day after day

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      1. Movie is any case movie ,with respect ,we Indians are more influenced by movies rather than reality ,always remember talwars are influential ,servants are not ,police tried their best to trap poor not rich ,still if they arrested talwars ,its evident that they couldn’t get 0.1% proofs against servants

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      1. Only individual knows about it. When money comes who cares of self respect. There are few politicians who have cases on them. do they care of self respect or some business men who wants to sell their product not worrying of quality or it’s impact on buyers health.

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      2. No one cares, as all are busy with their own life. We can care about society when we have power or we are being asked my media except few who does their good job in silent way.

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      3. Result as in I don’t know, but if it impacts at least one, then our vision is gonna be shared by that one, further in continuation with the same idea.. And regarding the start, anywhere you feel, that this is not right you share it, that’s the only idea for now, do you have any??


      4. We need to implement in a way which impacts atleast few. Yes i do have. Whenever i see when animals are not treated well or not given food. It hurts more than anything. How about you?

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      1. jus thought so. lol… so are you making and developing ? but not engineer. I think you are developing a good thought in different people. I read your many comments here. It states that you are developing a good thought. hope i may right.

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      2. Hehe.. I am an IT engineer Jay, and regarding the developing wala part I just wish to imbibe at least a little idea of what’s happening around in at least one person, who can in turn can continue the same.. That’s the only thing😊

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      1. As the slave departs, the Man returns- Campbell

        How felt he when he first was told
        A slave he ceased to be
        How proudly beat his heart, when first
        He knew that he was free!
        To noblest feelings of the soul
        To glow at once began,
        He knelt no more, his thoughts were raised
        He felt himself a man.
        He looked above – The breath of heaven
        Around him freshly blew;
        He smiled exultingly to see
        As the wild birds as they flew,
        He looked upon the running stream
        That ‘neath him rolled away;
        Then thought on winds and birds,and floods,
        And cried, I’m free as they !
        Oh freedom ! there is something dear
        E’en in thy very name,
        That lights the altar of the soul
        With everlasting flame.
        Success attend the patriot sword,
        That is unsheathed for thee !
        And glory to the breast that bleeds,
        Bleeds nobody to be free !
        Blest be the generous hand that breaks
        The chain a tyrrant gave,
        And, feeling for degraded man,
        Gives freedom to the slave.

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