Just a small advice

Treat a girl, like her father treats her..
Treat a boy, like his mother treats him,
No relationship would ever fail!!


56 thoughts on “Just a small advice

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  1. My two bit: Never let anger overpower you and in case you feel you are angry just remail silent till it subsides…This is preventive maintenance πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  2. but the fact is no one can treat a son like her mother do if you say in relationship as a mothers love is so much and she do not want anything in return but as a boy’s gf or wife you want something else the demands are different so asking it as a father or mother is impossible but you should at least treat a person like human which is important

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      1. it will only happen if you have that eternal love with your bf or gf it can happen if you become mother and father but if its a love relationship concerned hard to see that on only in Bollywood and Korean dramas but if you find a realtionship like that let me know:) take care just my opinion

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      1. Sorry To Say ‘Kehna Asaan Dhwani Ji It’s Simple But Hai Nahin Zaruri Nahin Sabke Mom-Dad Aisa Behave Karte Hon Secondly Aur Gar Karte Bhi Hon To Zaruri Nahin Sab Bachche Ye Samjh Sakein 50-50 ?’

        Kuch Had Tak Sahi Hai.

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