Life of a Blogger


1-10 followers= I am being followed,yayy!!

10-50=Just waiting to reach 100

100-200=Life cannot be better than this, but just wanna reach tillΒ 300.

200-500= There are so many bloggers having huge fan following,

even I wish to reach up to them

500-1000=Just some more and I will be happy

1000-infinity=I am so popular, but wait why no-one comments on my blog!!

And the chain continues, writing or starting a blog is whole and soul our interest,

why to involve or wait for others to make you special,famous or happy,

you are a limited edition,special in yourself,

just accept and be happy with it and everything else will follow!!

P.S. This post is only and only my experience, can vary according to other person.



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