a wave of guilt enclosed her,

she had everything to give to her daughter,

except her time..


For the prompt ‘wave’ on :Haiku Horizon

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  1. Well my friend, my parents work too, and I also get at least half of the day as my alone time and all. However I tell you what make friends with God! Make friends with Jesus. That’s what I did. And See I’m more than happy to follow Him. He’s the Son of God. Our Brother and pretty much amazing! God Bless you friend. Tc cr.

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      1. hmmm.. often, there is a phase difference between “what we think we need to ‘give’ our loved ones” and “what those who receive think they actually ‘need'”…. this phase lag results in generation of ‘guilt’ and the associated ‘repentance’! Finally we go on an ‘over-drive’ mode and ……..

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    1. Well, the solution cannot be brought on the global level, but it can be worked out between the parents itself, as in a small example, in my Yoga class, I have this lady who attends the class only 3 days out of six, when asked I just loved her reply, she said, that their child is 3 years old so one of them has to be with him so three days she comes and other three days her husband.. it’s a small thing with a huge point, isn’t it??

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      1. Exactly, that’s what I am talking about. Little effort from both of the partners will be so advantageous for their children. They can both associate very well with their children and in turn the children will associate more with them.
        And by the way Dhwani Ma’am ap Yoga sikhate ho. Kya baat. 😊

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    1. -a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.
      -a poem in English written in the form of a haiku.

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