Fill in the Blanks

Success is when you work hard聽


Failure is when you ……………………

Hey people, do fill in what you find suitable for this question!!


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  1. ‘Failure is a perception of a mind that judges.’ The duality of life will always require failure and success, for we cannot appreciate success unless we taste failure. But failure is often a perception not a fact for we can learn more in failure which can then be called a success.

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  2. ‘Failure is when you let perception take over and judge you.’ The duality of life requires failure as well as success so that success can be fully appreciated. But failure is no more than a perception.

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  3. Initially wanted to pen ” Success is when you work hard & Failure is when you hardly work”. But after reading Akhila’s comment, taking a cue from her, ” Success is when you work hard & Failure is when you fail to define success”

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  4. ….prepare yourself to get closer to perfection, which may let you achieve a higher peak of success!! ( To be a bit practical, there’s no one who does not frown in failure, but winners are probably those who try to smile back!)

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      1. Na.. I meant to say that Failure is when something doesn’t work so we decide to give it a second try. 馃檪

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