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What is your mantra for de-stressing? ?


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  1. Each and everyone is stressed for all 24 hours, the only difference is hidden and unhidden stress, which not all can identify, we as humans correlate our worries and timelines with stress…….So you just need a break with whichever way you want to, and be ready again with a strategic mind to handle the ongoing stresses……

    Now that can be doing things to divert your mind from thinking about it….. And then much more,

    For me I don’t know what is my mantra to destress , coz I love a simple routine, but then you have given my mind a stress to think, if I really have any mantra :p

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  2. Depends on the nature of my stress, but here are a couple of mantras I use:

    All my needs are always met, there is enough for everyone.

    I stand in the light of shared responsibility and love for the whole.


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  3. Good question…when in stress I usually take a step back and locate the exact cause of that stress, and that too with honesty, and once I find it I try to look at the possible solution, and then follow the best option. In some cases getting solution is not possible, then, I just tell myself that if there is no solution then getting stressed is silly. I then play some computer games or read a book. That is all I got..


  4. I give my stress so much stress by enjoying its company that stress feels suffocated with me just like i do inside but i pretend to be carefree. I tell my stress about how much i miss and love its company and stress never expect this kinda reaction from any of its victim and that makes it horrible and now it’s dealing with its own stress given by me. Lol i don’t make any sense i know but thats how i confuse stress 😝😂.

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      1. thanks that you understand :p, but don’t try it please because stress may fall in love with you 😉 😀 .. just kidding,, but listening good music works all time to get away from stress :)..

        I occasionally try to isolate myself from social media and internet thingies 😛 but always give up to my urges to know whats going around there 😉 hehe. how have you been ? 🙂

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