Just to share

Doubt kills more Dreams than Failure ever will..



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  1. I love your posts, but I just wrote a blog on this only it’s far more honest. Dreams are fine to a point, but when it becomes a lifestyle where we have “big dreams” and we are going to “go to the moon”, I think there needs to be some honesty.

    Not everyone wins, no matter how hard you try. Look, not everyone gets a trophy and not every ending is happy. However, I will support the more realistic goals.

    The former thing, the “never stop dreaming” is such a milinial way of thinking (how do you spell it anyway???). Having a “dream” is one thing, but constantly thinking, “if I just try hard enough I can do anything” is just total crap.

    There, I said it, it’s crap. And anyone who supports it is just setting you up for failure.

    I’m not saying that all dreams are pointless, I am saying know your abilities. Is it possible you will win the lottery if you keep playing? Yes, but let’s be realistic, we aren’t going to win the lottery, and if we do, the winning will be for a free ticket.

    No, I do not have a bad outlook on life, I just choose to be realistic about what our abilities are.


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