Thinking over it

Whoever declared that what’s ethical and what’s not, I wonder who were they, some God or some high profile coz none of it is written in our history..

P.S. No offense, just thought it was necessary to jot down…


29 thoughts on “Thinking over it

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  1. No body forcing us to follow any ethics, we can always amend , deny and create new guide line for us.

    Just chill !

    Haha haa those were we only, same energy in previous body, so being silent is wise choice.

    Hehehe just out of box thinking, don’t take me ever seriously….

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    1. But, this society is so blinded by these ethics, that when we overstep some basic rules, it is regarded as sin, a matter to be ashamed of, I mean why? Who is controlling all this, who are those “charr log” we always worry about

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