her enticing eyes shone like 

the brightest star of the constellation,

which ablazed the whole realm of 

existing mankind, portraying the 

sacred, blissful emotion-love,

towards his only companion who 

was not meant to in her destiny..


23 thoughts on “Radha-Krishna

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  1. So Nice Dhwani Ji Keep Writing……
    But ………….
    ‘ किताबों में ही मिलते अब पाक वफ़ा के किस्से’सागर’.!
    वो ज़माना गुज़रा जब राधा-कृशन-सी वफ़ा होती थी.!! ‘

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  2. Love has the power to heal anything & everything.It has the secrete key to open the heart..& The Most amazing thing is,it is in the hands of one of the powerful creation of the GOD called”WOMEN”…because he knows that the decission she makes will always be right…hence #TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES…since it is in the hands which is trust worthy..#SALUTE & RESPECT WOMEN…

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  3. Hello, sunnshhine14. I am trying to get your permission to include the poem you contributed to #PoetsforPeace in the publication of the collaboration as one.
    I just need a simple okay, your general location, city, country, and name. We can use your blogger name if you wish.

    Thank you.


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