A Writer’s Block

less of writing, more of backspaces,

surfing the net, just for a spark,

for that one thought which would

get it’s form, it’s emotion rendered,

it’s own existence in her world of words..

56 thoughts on “A Writer’s Block

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  1. Writing something comes from within. The moment you feel something has moved you so much that it’s too much of a task to cope up with, it comes out in words. ☺️


  2. less of writing means “THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE”,more of backspace means”LOT OF MEMORIES FROM THE PAST”..,surfing the net could mean “EXPLORING THE WORLD”…,just for a spark means”TO GET SOMETHING VERY PRECIOUS”..,for that thought which could get its form,its emotion rendered,its own existence in her world of words could mean”TO GET THAT PRECIOUS GIFT WHICH A WOMEN DESIRES,SHE COULD WITH STAND THE EMOTIONS & ALL TYPES OF DISTRACTIONS BY DEFINING THAT PRECIOUS GIFT IN HER OWN WORLD WITH HER OWN WORDS”………Now that’s what that article mean according to me………but plz correct me if i’m wrong!!!………nice one there #SUNSHINE…………

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