Love Bytes

To a girl, whose whole world revolved around words, 

understanding gestures without spoken words was tough, 

she always thought that something was amiss in her life, 

verbal promises, written letters were everything she loved, 

yet this was a new phase, where understanding the silence was more overwhelming to her …

54 thoughts on “Love Bytes

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  1. Reciprocate the feeling of being insensitive to feelings so that the other person could feel and live your pain areas though do all the gestures you are supposed to
    Life is not just about working for a job profile even on personal front
    Don’t be blind please
    You might stumble and fall cry yet silent
    True story

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  2. I disagree here again
    For a girl with need to express herself, be heard and listen to someone.
    It’s tough to put up with silence and if silence is all you got, the other person is being emotionally unavailable
    And over a period of time we absorb the habits of our partners
    And for a girl that values expressing herself it would be tragic to turn silent and numb

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  3. Lovely,But…
    ‘ एस एम एस के ज़माने में वादे भी डेलीट होने जैसे.!
    वो वक़्त गुज़रा’सागर’प्यार खतों में ब्यान होता था.!! ‘

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      1. कसम उन्होने खाई है इशारों में बात करने की’सागर’.!
        कोई समझे या ना समझे करनी है बस अपने दिल की.!!

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      2. जीवन में अगर हम दो पल किसी के लब पर हँसी ला पायें
        ये हमारे लोइए सौभाग्य की बात होती है,शुक्रिया ध्वनि जी
        जी खोलकर हँसने के लिए!
        ‘ ईश्वर करे आप यूँ ही खियखिलाते रहें,
        बस और नहीं कुछ कहना.!

        हर खुशी मिले जहाँ की दुआ करे’सागर,
        दुख का दूर ही हो रहना.!! ‘


  4. Ditto vibes I am getting these days!
    I have always understood words not silence but life now demands this and I am on the way of learning it!
    Found it so relatable.
    Written very beautifully 🙂

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  5. In love…making a precious promise is easy…but standing near by it will be a huge task…Therefore a word called “UNDERSTANDING” plays a critical role in maintaining a #LOVELY RELATIONSHIP…..
    *The “Sun” has began to “Shine” brighter with love from the post….
    Thank u …#SUNSHINE…..

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