Just a Question

Describe yourself in one adjective which starts from the same letter as your name?For ex: Obedient Om (please specify the whole name)

P.S. No animals or Human Beings are harmed in this post, it’s just for a little introspection, enjoy 😊😊😊😊


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      1. Every person deals with their load of problems..I don’t have anyone to reach out to..because not everyone cares to understand and guide appropriately..Those who care and I can confide in care too much and get hurt when I break. So I am all I got. And if you have a happy story to share everyone would be party to it… But when you need someone to hold and comfort you..Everyone is either too busy or unavailable..And blame you for cribbing..Facebook is a place where people brag..have phoney friends that would like stupid selfies but won’t comfort you when you seek help for dealing with emotional pain..And if you keep on keeping all the venom injected inside you, it infects you and kill your insides and you feel helpless. Emotional pain manifest itself into other issues. So this is my digital diary which is my escape and greybook, the people who read it, even if they judge me, it won’t matter because they are never going to see me in person so this is the much needed therapy

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      2. Yeah, it’s true, all the dukh we have to bare all alone while everyone comes along tagging in happiness. You know what, we have full right in discarding even one toxic person out of our lives, we don’t owe it to anyone except our family πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
        I am so glad, witnessing this fighter spirit which is so very rare these days, it’s just everyone say life is so unfair and do nothing about it, just sit and complain, whereas people like you make your way out of these glitches and become more independent.. Salute to your attitude, thanks for this beautiful comment over here, I am obliged to have you in my group.. Way to go Cheerful πŸ’ Cherry

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      3. I cared too much for people, went out of way to help them, but when I needed people the most, I was all I got. Nobody understood my pain and blamed me for being negative without any reason because everyone deals with their stuff with courage without crying and with a smile

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      4. Sometimes you do all you are supposed to not what you want to
        To make things work
        Still they fall apart and you feel I tried everything for this goal or relationship and since I have changed myself how will I get back to the old me. But fuck the world. Fix yourself the way you want.

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      5. I have been trying to convince myself that everything is fine
        I can manage it and yet be fine
        But I failed
        The shit got bigger over the years and the lid fell short and I couldn’t stay quiet anymore

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  1. Great to see how people love themselves so much πŸ™‚ :). Two words that come to mind starting with P are pragmatic and paagal and will inform when i am sure which i am πŸ™‚

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      1. I dnt want see in public platform,i dnt mind saying in private ,as ma name is v rare and easily everyone can get info,u knw I keep everything confidential ha ha:)

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      1. Gujarat means turben comes to ma mind .turben,the special type of houses and earthquake also happens rite,tats all I know about the place.


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