the sky was decorated that day,
with loads of blue and a tinge of red,
because that was her favorite
and dying person's wishes are never neglected..

101 thoughts on “Wish!!

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    1. Thanks for your appreciation 🙂 🙂
      And all the best for your story, do ping me I do read wattpad stories, but for me writing, well never thought about it 🙂 🙂 I just write normal, not that mature to post it on a platform so big 🙂


      1. Mature or not, it doesn’t matter just as long you love writing. A lot of people have their own writing styles. I think many readers on Wattpad will enjoy your poems. I also thought the same thing, but I wanted to experiment different writing styles, literary elements, and genres.

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  1. That’s Great Thinking Dhwaniji.
    ‘ ना-ना करते भी ‘सागर’आख़िर उनको शायर बना दिया.!
    जो बातें करते थे दिल ना देने की क़ातिल बना दिया.!! ‘

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  2. नीला आसमान यूं अपने माथे पर आज रंग सिंधूरी भर गया,
    कोरे कागज़ सी ज़िन्दगी की आखिरी तमन्ना जैसे पूरी कर गया,, !!


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