A Story-Part 2


For the first part: A Story – Part 1 (For you won’t want to miss the beginning)

The following would have continued, but she felt a strong feminine hand on her shoulder and she jumped as if caught stealing something. She turned to see and breathed a sigh of relief when she found her best friend eyeing her suspiciously. She knew she was indeed trapped because this friend of hers was not the one to be fooled. She acted casually as if nothing was wrong whereas her friend was in her standard pose of something-is-wrong-and-you-are-hiding-it. Yes, that’s what they are the best friends, the happy buddies, the drama queens, shopaholics, foodies and this is what made them the talk of the town. Where you found one of them, the second would always be nearby, they were almost inseparable friends since childhood.

OH Yes, the introductions. Well, this is Kiara, born and brought up in Delhi, raised by her nanny as her parents being the famous Cardiologists hardly were home. Being the only child, she was bestowed with every luxury but she felt poor because she couldn’t buy her parent’s valuable time and presence. This is what made her go close to anybody she thought cared for her, her best friend Shona, her nanny Rita and her pet, a fluffy white dog Rio. They were the people around which her whole world revolved. Well, for Kiara she is beautiful with long hairs, slender yet petite body, curvaceous figure which made every boy drool over her. Though she had thick accent yet her attitude was polite, her vocabulary would make many wonder, her learning attitude towards everything made her more likeable amongst any new group she went. Kiara’s million dollar smile would make even the stars blush, she couldn’t see anybody sad and her only aim was to make this world a beautiful place to live in.

Well, back to the hall, Shona knew that something spooky was going on, so she smirked and asked in hurried tone” Kiara, what are you doing here? I have been searching you the entire time , tell me fast what I am missing here?” eyeing her suspiciously.

Caught off-guard, Kiara blushed and directed Shona to the spot where her Charmer was standing. Following Kiara’s direction, she saw it and gave a confused look, “What?”

Kiara turned to look back and was disheartened as she saw there were only the group of waiters discussing something amongst themselves. She composed herself quickly and started running towards them. Shona confused of what’s going on, followed her trail.

The place outside the hall, adjoining the terrace was dimly lit. The huge flower decorations were hard to ignore but Kiara being the clumsiest girl was running pushing all those flower-pots down and Shona from behind saying sorry to every waiter she met on her way. She couldn’t match her pace but didn’t quit following her. After a whole impromptu marathon they had of the entire place, they returned to the same place, heaving profusely, all their clothes disheveled and hairs loose out of the bun.

Shona, bearing no more of her curiosity blurted out, “What the hell was that, Kia? Could please elaborate? ”

Kiara knew then she was curiously angry because only then she would say Kia, still panting stood straight and hugged her. Shona clueless of what’s on, hugged her back. This hug made her gentle, she asked her politely, “What’s the matter Kiara? Did anyone harm you or bully you again? Tell me and   I swear they would never come to you again.”

Kiara, still in the teddy hug pose said, “Shona, I think I am in love”.



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      1. Yep.. Though didn’t liked it on wp 😉 I can remember how I felt while reading it.. Do you remember that phone reactions of varun following alia holding phone in “samajwaan” song on pool side? When you described before, it flashed for me 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awwww just made me the happiest person on this earth 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Thanks a ton Jai 🙂
        Yeah, I am being over-enthusiastic but since this is my first time writing something so big, I don’t care..
        I am very very happy thanks a lot 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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