Isn’t it weird?

We are always finding a part of ourselves in others which is what immediately links us to them🙃🙃🙃


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  1. ढूंढ रहा था खुद को मैं बस्स शेयरो शायरी में,
    लिख दे जो सारे रंज-ओ-ग़म अपनी डायरी में,

    पाया लेकिन मैंने खुद को मसखरे जोकर में,
    रखता है जो फ़िक्र-ऐ-दुनिया पाँव की ठोकर में,,!!

    Not much relatable I guess, but after reading your post just this came to my mind …

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    1. that’s so intense and grave Bunny 🙂
      Dikhana ye muskurahat unko, jo log sirf tumhari khushi me saath hai,
      Gam koi chupa ke to bataye unse, jo log sirf tumhare gam ke saathi hai 🙂 🙂 🙂

      LOL, a bad attempt, I hope you get what I trying to tell 🙂

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      1. Thank you 🙂
        and not at all bad :P.. you conveyed exactly what you wanted to say 🙂 but the thing is
        कोई अपनी ही नज़र से तो हमें देखेगा,
        एक क़तरे को समन्दर नज़र आये कैसे !!


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      1. We both want but our wavelengths aren’t matching like before.. Parents and few persons are back in her life which totally changed the equation.. Still she struggled and maintained the rappo until last year.. Just to get rid of the mess, we’re staying far.. Once people got connected you know, even the nature makes to coincide often 😉

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      2. Naysayers, yeah I know 😦
        Sadly, none of this will matter if your love can endure, hope for the best 🙂
        I wish you both reconcile soon Jai 🙂
        My best wishes to you 🙂

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  2. this is a good post, as it means trying to fit the jigsaw puzzle by finding what is common and what is uncommon. As time passed, we find that we are part of a bigger whole and the veil of differences fade out…

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