Kuch Alfaz 

Tu har gam dede mujhe,

Main shikhayat nahi karungi.

Tu har Khushi lele meri,

Main bhagavat nahi karungi.

Bas mujhe apna to keh de ek bar,

Haste haste tere liye khuda se bhi lad lungi.. 


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      1. Fan, omg that’s something I didn’t see coming :p Please I don’t allow morning jokes hehehe
        Yeah, Hindi is quite simple because we think in hindi so writing in the same language is not difficult 🙂

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      1. Don’t leave your happiness for anyone
        Otherwise there would be many takers
        I am little mean
        My happiness is just mine
        You can be party to it but I am not giving it to you
        Thankfully the deal has been closed already so not offering anything.
        But that girl should stop giving

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      2. hmm chill girl, I guess bad experiences made you go all guarded 🙂
        But, its okay to let your guard down for the one who matters to you, I hope you find your one soon 🙂 🙂
        Have a blessed day!
        P.S. I didn’t mean to offend, just thought of helping you 🙂 I am sorry if I ended up hurting you 🙂


      3. Chill Dhwani
        I have lived beautifully
        This is wisdom that comes with age
        And I am married and have my special someone as they call it
        You should always keep focus on yourself too
        I don’t get offended easily so chill
        Thanks Dhwani
        You too have a good one!!

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      1. Caps shows the excitement….
        Oh yes.. Want to send it to many people….. 4-5 contacts on fb and WhatsApp…… 3-4 on WP and in person to a couple of girls….. 😹😹😸🙌

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      1. Nope I ain’t wanna get engaged neither I have been, there is a story behind it that I would share in the last part of ‘PIKA is immortal’

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