Just a Question 

What would you do/or how would you behave when you have someone as talented as you in the same room??


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  1. I would go and say “Kumbh mele mein bichde hue bhai/behan.. so happy to meet you at last.”😀😀 We will be crazy squared together 😂😂

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      1. We all know what we are capable of but every individual is unique .. they may share the talent but in their own unique style.. how can someone compare different style ? I don’t think if we can measure talent.. atleast not me.

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      2. We cannot measure talent for sure, but isn’t that something which relates us or you can say join us in a thin bond with the other one, its always on us whether to hold a grudge or learn a thing new from the other one 🙂
        What’s say?

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      3. Sometime it leads to unwanted/unhealthy competition.. we always learn something from everyone we came across.. right know I am learning from you.. How beautifully you wrote a larger than life question in just few words

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      4. That’s so nice of you but you know sometimes just doing something even when the feeling is bad, leads to good outcome, sometimes competition is all you need to grow and push yourself just a step more 🙂 🙂 🙂

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