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How do you overcome jealousy?


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  1. Just by realizing it’s not a good thing to hold on. When you appreciate other’s success how can you be jealous of them? After all,this world is a place for every one. Just wait for your opportunity. Till then learn from other people’s success..I mean to say get inspired from them..don’t be jealous. Happy women’s day to you

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  2. By understanding and truly appreciating yourself. When you realize how good you actually are at something, anything, you’ll learn to accept that some people can be better than you at different things too!

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  3. “It never ceases to amaze me how little time we spend understanding ourselves versus attempting to compare that with another person? Jealousy arises from insecurity within ones individual reality. Contrasting ones lack of self-esteem to anyone else is fruitless at best. Rise up to be the best version of yourself you can exhibit, and there’s nothing left to compare too…”

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  4. If you are very confident of your capabilities and the other person is not an asshole, then jealousy will just wade off. Otherwise, one just needs to get used to it to an extent that it will no longer matter.

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  5. When you know the fact that jealousy can’t make you anything better,but it just eats your mental health.We should not compare with others because we are all born with specific celestial plan which is completely different from others.Soo our life goes according to that..so there is no point of being jealous of someone

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      1. Happy women’s day …like a sunshine be independent always..sunshine doesnt follow or listen to anyone..it just keep on brightening our lives and earth..women is no less than sunshine

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      1. i was thinking if u are in a relationship, u dont get jealous of ur partner if u have trust…
        on the other hand, to prevent from getting jealous of what other people have, we have to always appreciate the things that we have and to be minimalist….
        its hard to explain but i grew up from a very poor country and i was content with what we have, we were happy..we didnt have tv like our neighbors but my parents always play with us or read to us…we didnt get jealous of material things coz we were able to manage without it…i dont know if that makes sense to u

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