Just a small advice

When in anger, P A U S E and think is it worth your time and energy…


39 thoughts on “Just a small advice

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      1. Nobody does that you know, you only get vague answers, do this and do that but rarely anybody talks about how it should be done 🙂
        Let’s make ours and everybody else’s lives simpler by letting them know minutely about our thoughts 🙂
        What’s say?

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      1. Every time when i talk with you it’s sound good the way of you talk.
        Talking with you is like talking with RJ.
        I think you should try it. Trust me your talking way engaged the audience.

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      2. Omg, that’s a huge compliment Neha, you don’t know what it means to me 🙂
        I am glad you found me that capable 🙂
        I did think about it before, will try it now and see what happens 🙂
        Thanks a ton again 🙂


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