Just a Question 

What inspires you to write?


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  1. To connect with my inner self
    I don’t think and write
    I let it flow without worrying about quality of content, whether anyone could relate and appreciate or not
    I write for myself to enjoy the sheer joy of penning down my thoughts and to be able to read my thoughts even after considerable time

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      1. Its going very bad..i hate to tell everyone to read my book..how to promote your own book..it is just not me..but well some friends are reading it right now..hope their honest reviews forces readers to buy..i hope u will read it..

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      2. Hey Chill, you have just got started, I know you’ll surely make it Shreyans 🙂🙂
        Promote your book through social media and your blog and search the right audience, everything is going to be fine 🙂🙂
        I’ll read for sure and let you know 🙂🙂

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  2. I’ve never really given it much thought. Inspiration strikes and the words just seem to flow when I’m writing fiction. Otherwise life experiences, daily life, the thoughts that I have after reading a particularly influential blog post, people… etc

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