Isn’t it weird

what if, life gives you only happiness?

what if, life spoon-feeds you for your dreams?

what if, you have no enemies?

what if, there are no problems?

what if, every human can read your mind?

what if, nobody breaks your heart?

what if, nobody makes you sad?

what if, the grass is always green?

what if, nobody is poor here?



12 thoughts on “Isn’t it weird

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  1. I believe you have stumbled upon the greatest philosophical question known to man…

    As of now, I see no reason to disagree with your proposition that life would be meaningless if it were all sunshine and rainbows. But, how about discussing the real matter at hand which you seem of scratch the surface of here…

    I suggest we take your philosophy a step further to its logical conclusion.

    We should ask, is the poverty worth it? Is the dead grass worth it? Etc.

    If all the negativity in life exists only to give value to the positive so that sentient beings can “value” things, is all the horror and suffering that must go along with it worth it?

    Are we really that self-important? Are we really that special?

    Again, I see no reason to disagree with your philosophy that without the negatives in life, the whole thing would be meaningless. I just do not see how one can rationally validate the existence of all the suffering involved based on this premise.

    If you were the creator with the responsibility of pressing the button that would cause billions of sentient creatures to endure suffering, would you? Would you invent need when there is no reason for it to exist?

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    1. I absolutely agree with you, suffering are indeed more painful you know when you have continuously tell your mind that whatever is happening is happening for good, be patient, be positive and endure. Even, these things are make us, mold us into something we never thought we could ever be, yeah they are horrendous, the pain, the hurt almost kills our innocence but isn’t it worth?
      and as far as need is concerned, problems occurred only then solutions were found. Always a problem brought something new to our store, it’s a totally different thing if we acknowledged or not.

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