Thinking over it

When you refer other people lucky it’s just because you cannot/don’t have those things which they have..


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  1. I think I disagree.
    The statement “HE/she is lucky can be used in two ways, either positive or negative.” For example I can say “Ms Sunshine is so beautiful, how lucky is that guy to have her as his partner.
    Or I can say “Ms Sunshine writes so well, I wish I was as good as her, how lucky is she.”
    In the first sentence I meant to express my greetings and gratitude but in the second sentence I am expressing an emotion of being envious.
    So my point is depending on the emotion or intention of the person the word luck changes its meaning.

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    1. Yeah, I understand, it’s totally based on one’s perception and how he/she conceives it. It’s just an opinion I had, it can definitely vary. I agree with you PD (sorry your name is too large to write it down, I hope it’s okay if I call you that)
      Thanks for your insight πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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