Just a Question

What stops you from apologizing?


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      1. Basically there are only 2 reasons first ego hum q mafi maange I didn’t done anything wrong and second agar hum mafi maange to wo kya kahega/kahegi whatever.In second shyness and fear both exist simultaneously

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      1. People close to you will understand that you are sorry the moment you realize your mistake.. but with people who already have maintained a distance only keep on increasing it by ignoring you and forgetting the instances when you want to forget and patch up which usually starts with a simple sorry even after knowing you are not at fault.

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      1. It is understood that is why it exists. Love is the one thing which makes us do stuff we dont want to do, but we do because of love. Not that we will lose love if we wont do some things, but we do it anyway..

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      1. fear of many things, such as admitting they were wrong, adding further fear of having always thought they were better than others, only to find out they are the same as anyone else, no better, no worse. Fear of growing, fear of having to find the strength to apologise.

        My motto for want of a better expression is, if you are or have been wrong, admit it, learn by it, take any lesson(s) learnt from having to apologise to the next stage of your life and move on. These are but a few examples.

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      2. yes fear can be the main component stagnating our growth in person and risking our relationship with the other one..
        Your motto can work wonders if practiced by every person reading this πŸ™‚

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  1. Sometimes I’ve done something wrong that is much bigger than what they have discovered and I don’t want to unravel my errors. The battle of “do I admit to all I have done” vs. “apologize for what they only know”. Obviously, I tend to over think things and that is not a good trait to have.

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  2. It’s a combination of not wanting to admit that I am in the wrong and feeling awkward about approaching them or starting the conversation. Sometimes you can’t just throw out the “I’m sorry” verbiage until there are other things acknowledged or built on.

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