Love Bytes

love is selfless,

doing those small things

just to see them smile.

love is selfless,

sacrificing your desires

just to fulfill theirs.

love is selfless,

doing the task which you abhor

just to make them happy.

love is selfless,

for all the other reasons

which crosses your mind while reading this…


15 thoughts on “Love Bytes

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  1. is selfless…??? I don’t think’s full of selfishness…for example if you are eating cake,but your hubby like it you gave it to him. Soo that it makes you happy..but eventually if you observe you are getting happy for sacrificing it ..whatever you sacrifice for your loved feel happy..that means you are doing it for your own happiness..can you do the things which make your husband dislike?? Obviously no..because it would make him sad,if that makes him sad,it will also make you sad,soo for everything you love to do it is ending in your only for your own happiness..soo it’s full of selfishness which is good…

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      1. Love is which we find happiness in what you said..liking is which we find in ourselves..even Mother’s love is selfish..But instead of satisfying her desires and be happy,she finds happiness in her children ..can she feed some other children with same love..absolutely no.soo she is selfish with her own children

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