Just a Question

Which is that song that changes your mood instantly??


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      1. Very funny story behind it. This was the song they used to play in carpool while me and my friends returned from office.
        So the happiness of leaving office and this song together is stuck psychologically in my head.
        Hence my happy and energy giving song 😀

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  1. Me, being me, I don’t have a particular song. If it got an uplifting beat, something you can dance to (boogie), it can change your mood instantly. I’m one of those people that, if a mood changing song comes on in the car radio (stereo), the volume gotta to go up! 🙂

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      1. Wake up Sid is my favorite until Adhm releases for me.. But now I’m in the midst of the inspiring movie and the pretty related one 👻😉

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  2. ना कोई है ना कोई था
    ज़ींदगी में तुम्हारे सिवा
    तुम देना साथ मेरा
    ऐ हमनवा….

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      1. Happy happy too, thanks 😊😊😊
        Started a new venture last Sunday, An automobile clinic on Swastik cross roads. Call me for any kind of services required for your two wheelers.

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