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How do you control your thoughts?


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  1. You can also “pair up” a thought in order to change it to something else. E.g. a thought occurs to you that could send you off in the wrong direction and recognizing thought for what it is you can add “is what I used to think.” to the thought. Or you can take a deep breath and say “Thanks but not right now” and go do something constructive.

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  2. wherever you go you should keep the surroundings as you want..like in your room you can use pictures of people who inspire you or may be quotes which motivates you, and you can do this with your phone screen and inside of your wallet, you can try reading as a habit atleast half hour every day. these things may induce some positive thoughts, but ultimately it is on you to chose your thoughts.

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  3. haha, sorry for laughing, your post probably wasn’t meant to have that effect, just with me being ‘the thinker’ and all that. 🙂 The reason I am laughing is I am not sure if this is naturally possibly, depends upon how much you want to control them. The only suggestion I can make is to physically do something, do something different to what your thoughts are thinking (hope that makes sense).

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      1. Thanks to your post for spurring me on this morning. Had been looking, well more glancing at my garden fence a few times, thinking (oh oh there goes that word again) it was due a spruce up. Sooo, after your post, went to the DIY store, bought some paint and brushes then spent the day outside, in the sunshine, painting fence. Gave myself a goal to get half of fence + gate done by tonight – achieved! 🙂 This would be one of my suggestions as to how to control one’s thoughts, do something different to what you are thinking.

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    1. hahahah quick tip: pick up your vehicle keys, grab your helmet and ride and scream on the way, no one is no one is bothered to listen on road, you know :p they have reach fast somewhere :p :p personal experience 🙂

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