Complete the story 

They never saw each other there after. Yet, one day out of the blue, they met at the same place they had been separated. They started wandering through those memory lane ………….

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  1. And soon realised a lot have changed in their lives after that. They have changed and not the same person anymore. They valued the pain of heartache which made them grow but they can’t feel the same way again for each other. And they decided to not see each other again, just the way it was meant to be.

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  2. Yes they meet again, their eyes meet.. unsaid words and emotions expressed with their eyes.. tears filled but not a word said..not a hug that they could share..a voice called “sweetheart let’s go”..and they walk away.. hoping to get a glimpse again, smiling and thanking that they still care and love..

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  3. They found there is some connection with this place. They dig the place. They found a box. They opened it. There were two skeleton. There was a letter. They have written if we have true love will meet at the same place again and they met and lived life happily ☺🤗🙌

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  4. Wishing they could pause the time, freeze that moment forever but truth to be told, they very well knew it was just a matter of time. So they drifted away from each other like they were strangers.

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  5. They realized what they had wanted all along. They realized it was each other. They knew they had a lifelong commitment with their spouses and lived in different countries and communities. They had to choose to live without each other in peace. And to live happily ever after. Which they did.

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