Just a Question

Why do you write?

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  1. I get the message through, if I actually do, without being interrupted.
    Because sometimes I get all excited and mix what I have to say with what I think is magic…


  2. I find that writing facilitates the generation of thoughts, and makes them more concrete by “getting them down”. It is a tool to overcome resistance, both within and without. Once the idea materializes in writing, then we can be ready to move on to what’s next, since there always seems to be another thought opening up once our present realizations become concrete.

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    1. That’s so apt, sometimes it happens with me as well. I start writing something and it turns out to be something else. We never know we have so much knowledge hidden inside us unless we let it flow freely.

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  3. Words, to me, are that solace to the agitated mind.
    The mind that keeps battling with the memories of the yesteryear and inhibitions of the days yet to come, all the while the struggling to balance the present. While the thoughts that suffocate me and drowning me in my misery. An escape from all that is in the form of writing.
    It’s the mirage of the freedom that we all crave.
    It is my way of being at peace with myself and the mind that has its own thoughts.

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      1. That’s what I want to do!
        But there are my own inhibitions and then there are …
        Strong happy emotions… well, mostly it is just pain. Happy might be a lost cause.

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      2. I believe that writing is let that pain out. Unless I do that finding those happy emotions might be quite difficult.

        Thank you though, really appreciate it. 🙂


  4. How to let go out emotions,some talk,some cry,some enjoy themselves,some don’t know how to express .some laugh..some sit alone..everyone have their own way of expressing or letting out their internal thought or emotion or anything…bit I write

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  5. Maybe it is to pin-point an idea and use the pen of the thought, similar like taking a spontanious shot with the camera to keep this special moment anchored in the flow of time. Maybe it the motive to share with others the inner feelings expressed in colourful words, an attempt to translate the language of the heart…

    Thanks for sharing dear friend and all good wishes

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