Musings #4

Yes, our choices define us.

I chose to be happy, I am

I chose to let go off my worries

I chose to keep getting better at what I do

I chose to remember the good things around me

I chose to feel immensely thankful for the life given to me

Yes, our choices define us..

So what are you choosing today?

23 thoughts on “Musings #4

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  1. I guess, you may want to read this book ” Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse. It’s pretty short book. You can finish it in two sittings. And if you are a fast reader and hooked with the story, just one sitting is enough.

    My philosophy on choices is that I don’t take them as choices. I take them as my own part. I try not to “try” to be happy or “sad” or….. Learning to make it an integral part of my psyche so that I don’t have to try.

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      1. Hey it’s not ๐Ÿ˜„ just love yourself ๐Ÿค— it’s amazing feeling! Accept all your scars dear friend ๐Ÿ˜Š

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