Musings #9

Do we know ourselves well enough?

I was scrolling through my Quora feed and I was stunned to see my answer to specific questions. I didn’t realise that I can write something so simple in a powerful way.

Doesn’t it happen with every writer? They write some beautiful posts which they never thought of.

This again rounds off at my question that do we know ourselves well?

If the answer is no, then why we claim to know others??

15 thoughts on “Musings #9

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  1. I was just rereading some of my old blog posts as well last night and found myself quite surprised at my own words. I guess I’ve only ever viewed it as our inability to remember and think of everything we know every second we are alive and conscious.

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      1. Oh thank you! Haha, it doesn’t really mean anything, just something my mother created, although it does combine the initials of Mary and Jesus since we’re Catholic. I’m wondering, is Sunshine your name? Sorry if I’m wrong.

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      2. Dhwani’s such a pretty name. It was really nice talking to you too! And I do want to be here more often. Have a lovely day! 💞

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