He said, She said

She: Will you come to find me if I ever go away from you?

He: You aren’t going anywhere.

She: If I elope suddenly, then?

He: Breathing goes on, so does life. I’ll forget about you and marry someone else.

She: Dare you bring anybody here, this is my place, my love and my everything.

He: So you won’t leave then?

She: Never 😑😑😑

He: Mission Accomplished 😎👍🏻

He said, She said

She: Why now, why after breaking my heart, you are offering this?

He: Would you let me be your 5 year old best friend and accept this chocolate as a fresh start to us?

He said, She said

“Will you paint those galaxies for me? Will you bring the moon for me?”, she asked.

“No”, he replied, 

“I will paint all your dark memories with the happy ones, light your small little world with so much love that you’ll shine like a moon between those stars”.

Love Bytes

she broke this time, not coz she knew that the world was not fair. she broke coz she knew he would do anything to get that smile back..

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Love Bytes

To a girl, whose whole world revolved around words, 

understanding gestures without spoken words was tough, 

she always thought that something was amiss in her life, 

verbal promises, written letters were everything she loved, 

yet this was a new phase, where understanding the silence was more overwhelming to her …

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