Hail 🇮🇳 India

Section 377 Banned!

Love Wins!!


I have never written more than a paragraph on my blog. But recently I have been thinking to make it elaborative.

There is a reason behind my spilled words and uncensored and crazy questions for which I am amused as some of you can relate with it.

Will my blog hold the same authenticity if I start penning down random musings and thoughts daily?

Will it work for you my readers?

Your answer decides my future course of action, do let me know your perspectives on the same.

Just a Question

What makes/breaks us to complete the new year resolution?

Hope you have a writer’s block free new year full of ideas and most importantly CONTENT!!!


Life won’t be the same when you come out from any hurdle,

something will change,

and that will be you…

Complete the story 

They never saw each other there after. Yet, one day out of the blue, they met at the same place they had been separated. They started wandering through those memory lane ………….

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