Thinking over it


Love Bytes

A poem

Things were hard and rough,

life left with two options –

to live or to die of regret.

Choosing the second seemed to 

be easy, yet they chose the first,

blaming life all along 

their way to death bed…

Just a Question

What makes/breaks us to complete the new year resolution?

Hope you have a writer’s block free new year full of ideas and most importantly CONTENT!!!

Just a Question

What makes you lose your interest in something which once made you go crazy?

Is it the lack of attention? or the something else is your priority now?

Sorry my lovely people for such a big break, I am back now with my little suitcase of words, words, and words…

Waiting to hear from each one of you!

Happy Blogging!


Life won’t be the same when you come out from any hurdle,

something will change,

and that will be you…

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