Just a Question

Did you ever get that one thing you always desired for yet you didn’t feel the same amount of happiness which you anticipated it would bring?

Musings #11

Be a slave to your habits.

Be a demon to your fears.

Be a hurricane to your worries.

Sometimes, it’s good to be bad..

Musings #10

I feel so happy and carefree. Does learning new things awaken something inside you?

Did this happen to you?

Tried my hands on it for the first time, do let me know how’s it!

It’s National Anthem Of India 🇮🇳

Musings #9

Do we know ourselves well enough?

I was scrolling through my Quora feed and I was stunned to see my answer to specific questions. I didn’t realise that I can write something so simple in a powerful way.

Doesn’t it happen with every writer? They write some beautiful posts which they never thought of.

This again rounds off at my question that do we know ourselves well?

If the answer is no, then why we claim to know others??

Musings #8

It’s often in the times of sheer bliss,

you realise that the real fun was in the

journey towards it,

not what you achieved at the end…

Musings #7


being in the chaos yet feeling energised,

accepting the world as it is,

finding happiness in the imperfections,

As life may stop existing tomorrow,

But memories would stay for a lifetime…

Musings #6

I don’t know why I never finish reading the self help books while on the contrary I read fiction on one go sometimes..

Have these on my to read list, fingers crossed this time ✌🏻✌🏻

What are you reading this summer?

Musings #5

I pledge to not make myself feel low today.

I aim to complete my unfinished tasks.

I adhere to make someone smile.

I started it with myself first ☺️☺️☺️

Did you ?

Musings #4

Yes, our choices define us.

I chose to be happy, I am

I chose to let go off my worries

I chose to keep getting better at what I do

I chose to remember the good things around me

I chose to feel immensely thankful for the life given to me

Yes, our choices define us..

So what are you choosing today?

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