those days, those memories I always cherish,

where just looking at you my smile would widen,

hearing your voice would make my heart skip a beat,

and those pristine moments with you were an heavenly affair..

Kuch Alfaz

Unn bichadi yaadon ko yuhi rehne dena,

pata chala vo aai aur firse

humein nam kar gai..

Let those separated memories stay that way,

I cannot risk loosing myself again in it…

He said, She said

She: Will you come to find me if I ever go away from you?

He: You aren’t going anywhere.

She: If I elope suddenly, then?

He: Breathing goes on, so does life. I’ll forget about you and marry someone else.

She: Dare you bring anybody here, this is my place, my love and my everything.

He: So you won’t leave then?

She: Never 😑😑😑

He: Mission Accomplished 😎👍🏻

Love Bytes

To a girl, whose whole world revolved around words, 

understanding gestures without spoken words was tough, 

she always thought that something was amiss in her life, 

verbal promises, written letters were everything she loved, 

yet this was a new phase, where understanding the silence was more overwhelming to her …

Love Bytes

“so,what would you like? shopping, cakes, chocolates, flowers, balloons?”, he asked while driving.this was their first meet after their relation got a name. he waited patiently for her to say something.

“a glass of water”, she said softly, nervousness and anxiety all over her, yet she was elated that she chose him..

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