Musings #6

I don’t know why I never finish reading the self help books while on the contrary I read fiction on one go sometimes..

Have these on my to read list, fingers crossed this time ✌🏻✌🏻

What are you reading this summer?

Musings #5

I pledge to not make myself feel low today.

I aim to complete my unfinished tasks.

I adhere to make someone smile.

I started it with myself first ☺️☺️☺️

Did you ?

Musings #4

Yes, our choices define us.

I chose to be happy, I am

I chose to let go off my worries

I chose to keep getting better at what I do

I chose to remember the good things around me

I chose to feel immensely thankful for the life given to me

Yes, our choices define us..

So what are you choosing today?

Musings #3

N number of times during the day I wonder over the choices I made so far only getting disappointed in the end.

I also fail to understand why happened whatever happened and this feeling slowly eats me up. It’s at the end of one or two hours of agonizing myself with overthinking, I finally let go off that and start fresh…

Am I the only one or I have company?

Musings #2

Curiosity killed the cat!

But, aren’t we all curious about how our lives? Don’t we wish to find out what’s going to happen next something like a recap.

How boring life would be if we were stuck in mending our doings and not working to create new beginnings?

How lovely life would be if we just accepted it the way it is and never feel low?

Musings #1

I wake up with this feeling of melancholy combined with nervousness. It’s because I have the daily routine to follow but nothing exciting later.

This happens with me often, I always search for things which keep me happy but end up following the rat race. Yeah I do spare some time for reading, watching series and dancing as these are my things but not everyday.

Is there any way to curb these inhibitions I am carrying so far with me? I think they are doing more damage for those few moments of sacred happiness.

Isn’t it weird?

We take an eternity to accept ourselves or sometimes we even don’t.

Then, why do we throw tantrums in accepting others?

Everybody is different, and life would be boring if they were carbon copy of you.

So, why bother wasting time in being sad or vulnerable!

Accept yourself first and then eventually you’ll find accepting others the way they are comparatively easy…

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